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The overall organization of the IS function is made up of several categories as follows:

Finance Director - Provides financial and management support to the City Commission and oversees the function of Information Systems.

Manager of Information Systems - Responsible for overall operation of the Information Systems department. The Manager of Information Systems maintains a priority role in the following:

  • Keeps the day to day plans and projects on track, and advises the Steering Committee of external and/or internal issues effecting IS activity.
  • Acts as a communication and consulting bridge between the regular business functions of the City and the IS department.
  • Acts as a champion of new technologies, which will help improve the quality of the City's service and evaluate the return on the City's investment in these new technologies.
  • Manages the strategy of current and future Information Systems projects as they apply to the overall business strategy of the City.

Third-Party Services and Consultants - Provided as needed for the continuity of the overall business functions of the IS organization.

Information Systems Steering Committee (The committee was dissolved by City Commission Resolution - January 26, 2004) - Group that oversees the overall performance of the IS organization. The group constitutes key department heads and representatives of the City, who provide direction to the IS function as follows:

  • Ensures integration of Information Systems services in the City.
  • Evaluates major opportunities of improvement and capital acquisition projects and makes recommendations to the City Commission.
  • Provides advice to Information Systems function from all different points of view..


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